Kurt Dressler: Curriculum

1929-1955 Basel, Switzerland: Elementary school in Riehen, Gymnasium in Basel
1948-1955 University of Basel: Experimental and theoretical physics, mathematics and chemistry; PhD thesis in vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy of diatomic molecules.
1955-1957 Ottawa, Ontario: Research in molecular spectroscopy at the National Research Council of Canada (with D.A. Ramsay: analysis of spectra of NH2 und ND2).
1956 marriage with Susanne Huber
1957 birth of twin boys
1957-1959 Washington, D.C.: Research in vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy of low-temperature molecular solids at the U.S. National Bureau of Standards (Free Radicals Research Program).
1959-1968 Princeton, New Jersey: Research and teaching in atomic, molecular and astrophysics at the Princeton University Observatory. Teamwork in space astronomy towards design and construction of the "Copernicus" Orbiting Astronomical Observatory for far uv spectroscopy of the interstellar gas (launched in 1972) and laboratory astrophysics (measurements of absolute oscillator strengths in atomic and molecular spectra).
1960 birth of third son
1968 move from Princeton N.J. to Binz/Maur, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
1968-1994 Professorship for Molecular Spectroscopy at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. Teaching and research in molecular quantum physics LPC brochure.
1977-1994 Vice Rector of ETH (Dean of postgraduate and doctoral programs).
Representative of ETH in the Council for the Zurich University for Seniors and in the Council for programs of the Zurich Reformed Church at Zurich University and at ETH
1988-1994 chairman of the Council für Interdisciplinary lecture series at Zurich University and at ETH.

Swiss Physical Society
American Physical Society (APS Fellow)
Swiss Society for Astronomy and Astrophysics
The Scientific and Medical Network (1996-99 Council Member) www.scimednet.org.
Institute of Noetic Sciences www.ions.org.
Society for Scientific Exploration www.scientificexploration.org.

Interdisciplinary lectures and seminars on connections between religion, philosophy, psychology, consciousness research, quantum physics, unification physics, astronomy and cosmology: